Lip Smacking Evolution Of Android

The sweet updates of the Android from the Cupcake, Honeycomb, Lollipop, and Nougat, Google’s Android versions never fail to impress with their user friendliness and great intuitiveness. If you need to understand the world’s most popular mobile operating system, from the very first Cupcake edition to the latest Nougat, then you are at the right place. Top App Creators has created a fun and detail-filled infographic tracing the remarkable development of the Android over the years.
Since its Google acquisition in 2005, Android has grown to become the world’s most popular mobile OS. Google’s first update to the Android (the Cupcake) gave the operating system the capacity to integrate with third-party applications and widgets, effectively ushering in the age of the Android. The fact that it is also an open source software that is free to download and install and is compatible with thousands of free and paid apps on the Google Play Store have also contributed to its widespread popularity. To learn more about the Android OS check out Top App Creators easy to read and fun infographic Lip-Smacking Evolution of Android.

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