Exploring Rome: a day in the Eternal City

There are so many interesting activities to do in the capital city of Italy and if you have a limited amount of time in Rome, it is hard to know what to prioritise and what to leave for another visit.

Whether you want to visit the iconic sites like the Colosseum or soak in the culture in Piazza Navona, there is something for everyone. This small city packs a punch when it comes to visitor attractions, from fantastic food and world renowned bars to historical sites and areas of cultural significance. If you would rather just relax and enjoy some of the best coffee in the world, the cobbled streets also offer the perfect place to relax and people watch while enjoying some of the bounty this incredible country has to offer.

Don’t feel intimidated by this incredible city, instead, enjoy everything this complicated capital has to offer, regardless of the length of time you have to spend there.

Exploring Rome
Infographic Source: https://www.rolcruise.co.uk/blog/a-day-in-the-eternal-city

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