Amazing facts about the popular cities of world

Do you know the interesting facts about the popular cities of the world? No, then here you will get to know some of the amazing facts about them.
New York
One of the amazing facts is that in this concrete jungle peregrine falcons are found in the highest concentration. They make their nest on skyscrapers and bridge in the city. Ferris wheel in Staten Island that is 630 ft tall will be the world’s second tallest after one that is in Dubai.
Espresso lovers will get it at € 1. More than 181 places in Paris serve espresso only for € 1. The city has condom vending machine in 31 streets.
It got its name from an Algonquin word which translates to wild garlic. The word is shikaakwa or chicagou. There is a river in the city which flows in the backward direction; it is named after the town and called as Chicago River.
The city is built on water, and the soil underneath the buildings is swampy. The support of poles makes the houses and buildings in Amsterdam. The royal palace is built over 13,569 poles.
London had different names such as ludenwic, londonium, and ludenburg. The queen of London “Elizabeth II” needs the permission of mayor to enter into the city. Yes, that’s true. The city was capital of 6 countries around 70 years ago.
There are three world heritage sites in the city – Berlin’s museum island, parks, and palaces of Potsdam and modernism housing estates.
Los Angles
The land where the dodger stadium is built was the place where the oil was discovered, and that was in the year 1892. By 1923, the city was a one-quarter producer of world’s oil. It is country’s one of the largest oil field.
So, these were some of the interesting facts about the famous cities of the world.
facts about the popular cities of world
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