Amazing Facts and Figures About Trees

Trees are the oldest creatures on earth. Without them mankind would not be existing. So more than ever we need to keep our trees intact, no matter if we are talking about large rainforest, our local forests, trees in our backyard or in a parking lot. They are all equally important.

So please take a closer look to this infographic, where we have put together some amazing facts about trees, some of them you might not have heard about.

We hope you find this information useful and next time you come across a tree think a little bit more about these important organisms and what they do to keep our eco system intact.


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  1. I really like this infographic about trees, especially the point that it makes about how it can save homeowners money. I don’t have any trees in my yard and so my air conditioning costs are usually pretty high. I would definitely benefit from getting a tree planted and being able to save 56% of the cost. However, what type or size should it be in order for it to save me money?

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