Key phrases, useful facts and places to see on the Danube River

Stretching 1,770 miles through some of Europe’s most fascinating countries, the Danube River offers a unique, cultural experience. From the iconic architecture of Nuremberg in Germany to the striking towns and cities of Serbia, there’s so much to see on a journey along the Danube River.
This handy infographic highlights key phrases to learn for your trip and the top attractions and features of countries along the river. Wander the streets of Regensburg in Germany to admire its medieval old town and sample local cuisine, or stroll among the imposing buildings of Vienna in Austria. As well as recommendations for your Danube River cruise, this infographic reveals some unique facts about each country.
The river begins in Germany’s Black Forest and passes through Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Serbia, flowing through thousands of years of history and remarkable landscapes. Find out everything you need to know about embarking on an adventure on the Danube River.
Danube River

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