Family Mediation Explained

When considering a divorce, court litigation can seem like an intimidating and ominous option for many reasons. Mediation is an alternative which serves to reduce not only stress, but costs and time spent in the whole process.
On average, mediation takes only three sessions to complete, far less than the average duration of the court process. Mediators are motivated by the desire to find a mutually beneficial outcome for all involved, so that both parties can look to the future positively. Children and grandchildren, along with anyone else involved can be considered so that everyone’s voice is heard.
If attending a mediation in person is too difficult for you or your partner, remote mediation is the ideal offering. Remote mediation can be conducted through video call using Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This means that your mediation sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, with more flexibility and less stress.
This infographic created by Marcia Mediation takes you through all the steps involved in the mediation process and helps to explain what you can expect, along with benefits and efficacy of mediation compared with court litigation. Reading through this infographic will help you to be fully prepared for your first mediation session.
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