Fast Fax Facts You May Not Know About

Not many people realize that fax is a technology that has been with us for quite some time. This comprehensive infographic shows a selection of some of the most important moments in the development of this critical communication technology.
As it turns out, fax dates back to 1843, when Alexander Bain invented the Electric Printing Telegraph, a special machine where the signal current would move an iron pen across a moving paper to produce writing in Morse code.
This chemical telegraph opened a way towards developing more sophisticated machines – for instance, the Tel Autograph, patented in 1888 as a machine for sending signature images over long distances.
But that’s not the end of this fascinating story. Merely 20 years ago, the very first internet-based fax service was introduced to the general public, allowing users to send and receive facsimile on their computers.
Needless to say, the history of fax technology isn’t over yet. In 2016, eFax corporation launched an innovative smartphone app, offering users an opportunity to fax directly from their mobile devices running on either Android or iOS systems.
See the infographic to learn more about the history of fax!Fast Fax Facts

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