Fenbendazole For Different Types of Cancer

If you have pets, you may be familiar with Fenbendazole. This is a medication commonly prescribed to treat gastrointestinal parasites and worms in animals. Fenbendazole mostly works for destroying hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, parasites, and whipworms. However, recent studies suggest that the drug also seems to have cancer-fighting properties, like the ability to kill cancer cells or interrupt the sugar absorption of the cells.

It is also said to offer help in fighting drug resistance caused by cancer and reduce the size of the tumor. This infographic shows just that, the types of cancer that fenbendazole can help with. We created this infographic to show case the types of cancers that can be fought with fenbendazole to help people to understand that there are many types of treatments out there and chemo isn’t the only way to be health again. The below infographic provides a helpful overview of the types of cancer that fenbendazole can be used to treat. By understanding these cancers, pet owners can have an informed discussion with their vet on the best treatment options for their pet.


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