Fight the Cold This Winter by Strengthening Your Immune System

During winters because the temperature falls extremely low, we might experience health issues ranging from minor or major. Apart from this, there is another reason why you face health issues, which is a weak immune system. The chilled winds are already roaming our streets.
So, this winter out target is to maintain and strengthen our immune system so that the fight with cold and diseases could be a win for us. You already might know this but what are we doing to fight it. We would take the necessary steps keeping these tips in mind hopefully this winter will be different.
Keep away from seasonal infections
Seasonal infections are very common and the best way to keep yourself away them is to get your immune system strong. How could you do that? Small things like washing your hands, clean and put a bandage on abrasions and cuts. Eat-in clean plates and spoons etc. This way you can prevent the way infections would get into the body. Cough and sneeze could be containing the infection. Protect yourself and others from it by covering your mouth and nose. Avoid getting in contact used handkerchiefs etc.
Adopt a regular workout routine
A fit and strong body mean fit and strong immune system. Thus, to get the immune system better you have to start doing a workout or some other form of exercise. Working out 3 to 5 days a week is just enough. Remember to wear clean workout clothes keeping hygiene under notice. Don’t work out too much as it could make your body weak. You cannot achieve your ideal fitness goal overnight. Stay steady and just keep on doing it. Make health a lifestyle.
Make your lifestyle active and healthy
Working out at night and spending the rest of the day sitting and eating unhealthily won’t bring much improvement. You need to make your lifestyle active, that is apart from the regular workout. Walking more, taking the stairs, going for a walk after lunch and dinner are things that you can easily do to make your lifestyle active and healthy. This way you would have to work out less in the gym too.
Stop excess alcohol consumption
Winter is no excuse to consume more alcohol. If you are habitual, first you have to break this habit. If you cannot enjoy a moderate quantity. According to BBC research alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer, oral cancers, heart disease and numerous other health conditions with long term usage. It is the health that we are trying to improve by strengthening the immune system and alcohol is doing the exact opposite. Quit drinking but if you cannot do that, limit yourself to the minor amount.
Keep yourself hydrated with winter
Every liquid does not fulfill the body’s hydration requirements. During winter the body gives fewer signals to drink water but that does not mean you don’t need it. Even if it is winter, the importance of staying hydrated cannot be ignored. It helps in the removal of toxins and improving the system.
Keep the toxins away
We are surrounded by toxins and we don’t even know. Use clean items, use clean crockery, keep yourself and your regular and workout clothes clean and most importantly use green cleaning products that will keep the house and your body clean!
Get appropriate sleep
Sleeping is the time when the body is repairing muscle, organs, and other cells. When you sleep, strengthening chemicals enter and circulate in the bloodstream empowering the immune system. So, sleeping is the best thing that we can do to repair and strengthen our immune system. Getting the proper 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep is very important.
Eat appropriately
Winter is the time to enjoy hot drinks and food. Avoid ice cream, a slushie, and cold food like these. Also, avoid drinking or eating citric fruits before going to bed as they can soar the throat and trigger cold. Instead, you can enjoy hot chocolate, chocolate milk, tea, coffee etc. Maintaining a calorie intake, according to your goals, is very important if you are working out. Make eating healthy fruits and vegetables a part of your diet. Track and maintain your calorie intake and don’t let it drop off.
Dress appropriately
Talking of cold you should cover yourself properly. Uncovered head, ears, and feet can easily welcome the cold and give the seasonal virus grounds to attack. When going outdoors cover the body properly wear proper active apparel for sports and workouts, and wear wind and waterproof outer layer. The neck is the part we forget to cover. A warm scarf can protect you from a sore throat, flu, and cold.
The magically working diet
Apart from eating healthy and balanced diet vegetables like garlic, cauliflower and broccoli work like magic. Don’t broccoli and cauliflower taste great. What is there not to like about these, color, looks, or taste? Full of antioxidants these vegetables have the real virus and bacteria killer in them i.e. peptide glutathione and have low calories.
On the other hand, garlic holds great power to boost your immune system with allicin. It has earned its place in this list of eatables containing anti-microbial properties. Eating it raw is a great way to improve immunity against viruses and bacteria especially the seasonal ones but be cautious as the taste is strong.
Try to wick off the stress as much as you can
No one likes to take stress; it is just how things happen. Stress and tension are part of life. But the fact is taking more stress will make the body more vulnerability to bacterial and virus attacks. The best way to protect yourself from this in your own hands. Try to relax, do meditation, the workout is a good stress reliever, spend time with friends, and try to solve the problem while not stressing over it.
Reduce your sugar intake
Sugar is very tempting and tasty but it is equally damaging for the immune system. It has a higher tendency to give body flu germs. Here we are talking about artificial and processed sugar. If you have a craving for the sweet, switch to natural fresh resources like fruits. A little bit of artificial sugar is not something to worry about.
Get a massage
This is merely a way to relax. The point is to get yourself relaxed, if you can do it without a massage then go ahead. However, getting a relaxing massage to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is a natural defense mechanism of our body.

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