Finding the Right Wall Sconces: Your Complete Buying Guide

Have you just finished giving your home a makeover? At this point, you might be looking for a finishing touch that provides both ample light and extra flair to bring everything together. If you feel that a simple bulb or fluorescent tube just won’t cut it, a set of lovely wall sconces may be just what you need!
A wall sconce is basically made up of a light source affixed to a wall. However, there is a wide variety of wall sconces to match your home’s new aesthetic. If you want to find the right sconces fast, you’ll need a guide to help you weigh your options.
Fortunately, you won’t have to look any further than this infographic! This complete buying guide lists down the most common types, designs, power sources, and lighting configurations for wall sconces. Will your sconces have to be hard-wired, or can you go for solar-powered designs instead? Would a flush mount sconce or a wallchiere look better in your living room? Are you going for a contemporary design or a more rustic style?
With this buying guide, you can narrow down your choices with ease. And in case you need to light up your backyard, this infographic has a section all about outdoor sconces!
Finding the Right Wall Sconces
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