29 Simple Ways to Skyrocket Your Fitness Marketing

Most Fitness Pros need help with their marketing. Over 90% of fit pros quit after their first year and the biggest reason is because they have problems with their marketing.

Marketing is a huge problem for Fit Pros. They never develop the strategies and struggle with client turnover and lack of leads.

It all starts with the Why question. What is the why question

Before we get into any type of marketing, we must start by researching our “perfect client”… this will be your target audience. We have to learn everything we can about them. By learning their deepest desires, we learn the importance of the why question.

What is the why question?

The why question, is the reason why people train with you. It’s often surface-level reasons that are broad, such as “losing weight” but instead, a deeper one like “getting noticed by the opposite sex” is more of a “why” question.

Whether you’re a personal trainer, crossfit box owner, bootcamp owner, or group training this infographic will illustrate how you can improve your marketing.

29 Simple Ways to Skyrocket Your Fitness Marketing

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