Foreigner’s Guide: Everything you Need for a Fun Visit to the Philippines

A ticket, passport, and some money are not all you’re going to need when you’re a foreigner traveling to places like the Philippines for a visit. This scenic tropical country is full of surprises, both good and bad, that you need to be prepared for. For one, you may have to double up on pocket money since there are side trips that you may want to take that’s not part of your chosen tour package or your personal itinerary. And for you to save as much as you can for this, it is best that you pack these essentials yourself.

But you don’t have to pack everything from the mall or your home just to save up on cash. In fact, overpacking just might stress you out more because of all the heavy stuff in your luggage that you have to carry around. You need to pack just a few necessities that you will need to enjoy the trip. Know the important things to pack in the infographic checklist below.
Everything you Need for a Fun Visit to the Philippines

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