11 Free Online Courses That Can Give Your Career a Boost

Online Help with assignment programs have made our lives simpler. Today, many people enroll in online programs based on their interests. As we grow, we consistently compromise on our dreams and aspirations, because we have responsibilities on our heads. Do not we feel bad for not taking up music classes, because we have to prepare for the engineering exam?

Luckily, we have plenty of online courses today to fulfil our dreams. Today, online courses can be taken from the comfort of our homes, and more importantly we can pursue an online course besides regular education or job. Most of the online courses have shorter duration, and people taking an online course may be awarded a certification.

Here are list of 11 free online courses that you can take anytime:

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  1. Graphic Designing: Are sketching and drawing your interests? If they are, then you can move to another level by taking graphic designing course online. Graphic designing course is meant for you if you have creative skills. You can express ideas through sketching and designing by taking graphic designing course. Photoshop and Illustrator are names of some popular software for graphic designing.
  2. Big Data Analysis: You can help companies to take more informed business decisions if you learn data analysis. Analyzing transaction data and other forms of data will be a part of big data analysis course. Many organization and online business schools today offer big data analysis course. Students are taught to create, test, and analyze data in data analysis courses.
  3. Online MBA: Online MBA programs have become famous these days, especially for working professionals who do not have the money to pursue full time MBA. Online MBA programs are offered by various reputable institutes, and they have similar syllabus like that of a full time MBA programs. The advantage of online MBA programs is that they are shorter and have flexible timings for working professionals.
  4. Social Media Marketing: If you own a website for your business, then you definitely need to tell the world about it. There is no better way to spread information today is than social media. The promotion of your business through social media sites like ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ is known as Social Media Marketing. There are many websites that offer free courses on social media, and you can benefit from those courses.
  5. Programming: Programing is the main tool for setting up a website. Students can learn various programming languages. Programmers code algorithms to run a program successfully. Programming is for you if you are interested in solving complex algorithms. Programming languages are both front-end and back-end, and there are many websites today that offer programming courses for free.
  6. Foreign Language Course: Learning foreign language will make your CV special. It will also help you improve your vocabulary and interacting skills. If learning foreign language is your dream, then you must get enrolled in a foreign language course. You can also get the job of a translator by learning foreign language.
  7. Application (App) Development: Do you use your desktop to order something online or book tickets? If not, then you may be using mobile apps for every task. Designing mobile application is a famous process today, and there are many businesses who are involved in mobile app business. You can read, shop, and book things with the help of mobile app. It is suggested to you that you take application development course.
  8. Film Making: People who are interested in things that happens behind the camera can enroll themselves in a film making course. They can learn the basics of film making with a film making course. People who are excited about movie making can take a short film making course online and acquire skills to direct their own short films and feature films.
  9. Human Resource Management (HRM): If you have the desired skills to manage and coordinate with people at workplace, then human resource management is a course for you. HRM is a field where job demands are high. You can earn reward by signing in for free human resource management course.
  10. Photography: Decent photographs are necessary for any kind of work whether the photographs are personal or professional. Attractive photographs attract individuals, and you like to share attractive photographs on social media sites. There are numerous institutes that offer free online photography courses. Once you get the certification on photography, you can do freelance work or work for ad agencies and TV channels.
  11. Creative Writing: If there are so many creative stories in your head, then creative writing course online is a course that is meant for you. Creative writing courses are very helpful for shaping the thoughts, and help individuals to come up with a beautifully written articles and stories. You can also become a freelancer by taking a free creative writing course online.

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