The future of data storage

If someone from the future- 2 centuries form now-travelled back in time they would laugh at the technology that was used! Inventors and researchers continue to push the limits of science to develop storage devices with better performance and capacity! With data increasing day by day ,the storage facilities right now will not be sufficient, so researchers are coming up with DNA storage,Liquid storage, Helium storage and many more. This infographic is a representation and a simple explanation about a few of the storage methods that being tested right now for future use. A few of the devices are right now in use such as the Helium hard drive and liquid state storage and DNA storage has been tested for use. This is a great thing and the future of data storage seems pretty exciting.
Want a peek at the kinds of storage devices we’ll be using in the future? From data sticks to Cassette tapes,here is what the future holds.
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