The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide

We often hear that for some companies, email marketing is still a waste of time and energy.
It’s strange, because everyone knows its power for a long time. It has always been, is and will be a good way to establish connection with your target audience.
Unfortunately, in fact, some e-mail marketing strategies sooner or later turn into nothing. And you need to change something in them urgently.
Without exaggeration, studying statistics is the most important part of email marketing: analytics helps to find weaknesses in communication with customers and to take prompt actions.
What affects the frequency of e-mail views and the involvement of customers? How important is the optimization of content for mobile devices? How does email marketing affect ROI?
The answers to these questions are of interest to everyone who chooses e-mail marketing as a tool to promote their company. The situation will be eloquently illustrated by statistics in this infographic from Everycloud – The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide.
Email Marketing Statistics

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