The Ultimate Guide to Accessible Bathrooms

Having a comfortable bathroom that you can walk into has a huge difference and can also benefit you and the person’s that would use your bathroom. Having an accessible bathroom does not only fall into having a clean and organized environment, but it also possesses varied criteria when it comes to the equipment and aesthetic of the bathroom. At the core of creating an accessible bathroom, you should consider some important guidelines to promote a mobility friendly bathroom.
Creating a checklist as your guideline in creating the perfect accessible bathroom for your house requires two major steps; creating the right geometry and choosing specialized bathroom fixtures. Having the aid of an experienced consultant towards renovating your bathroom requires not only their expertise but also your personal touch through the process. Creating the right geometry for your bathroom talks about the different the overall view of your bathroom layout and geometrical design. An important factor also to consider is with choosing specialized bathroom fixtures that would elevate and make your bathroom equipment more accessible. To learn more about the different guidelines in creating an accessible bathroom for your home, please check the infographic below by AccessAble.

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