Guide to Build a House in the UK

1) Find perfect location and land:

  • Gather information about selected area
  • Explore with land listing agencies
  • Choose a plot according to budget
  • Consider important amenities like proximity to shopping and medical facilities etc.

2) Choose build method:

  • DIY- save around 30-40% on the total price
  • Self managed with subcontractor
  • Main Contractor with Subcontractors
  • Main contractor who manages everything

3) Choose among construction types:

  • Brick and Block construction
  • Timber frame construction
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  • Insulating concrete formwork
  • Steel Framed Construction

4) Things affect Build Costs:

  • Size of the house; large size means more cost
  • Plan, shape and layout complexities will increase cost
  • Build as many storeys as possible to get maximum development returns
  • Basement construction cost, water table and ground conditions.

5) Other costs you should consider:

  • Roof material and covering costs
  • Service Connections Costs
  • Foundations costs
  • Floor structure costs
  • Walls and ceiling costs
  • Windows and door costs
  • Bathroom and kitchen costs
  • Electrical costs

Guide to Build a House in the UK

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