The Ultimate Guide to Car Parts & Accessories

The car that you drive is made of up thousands and thousands of parts. The biggest is the chassis or the skeleton. The smallest are contacts found in relays. They are in only a couple of millimeters in size. Needle bearings are some of the smallest parts, too. Any modern car owner should be mindful enough to learn the parts and accessories of the vehicle they drive. This, of course, does not necessarily mean keeping on top of even the smallest parts. Stick to the most important parts, as this infographic from PartCatalog catalogues for us.
The most important parts of the exterior include the windshield, mirrors, bumpers, and tires. This PartCatalog infographic also lists down the hood, headlights, and radiator, among others, as your car exterior’s must-know parts.
As for the interior, there’s the speedometer, steering wheel, clutch, turn signal, ignition, horn, and a few others. What this infographic shares are more than just these parts, too. It comes with fun facts about the parts listed. That way, you will not likely forget about them the next time you need the parts replaced or serviced.
Guide to Car Parts & Accessories
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