Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design

When it comes to engagement and open rates, messaging channels and apps have beaten social media, email and pretty much any other type of marketing channel.
The developments in live chat and chatbot technologies allowed marketers to catch up with this trend, enabling businesses to talk to their customers where they feel most at ease.
While live chats enable human to human communication, they don’t need much design and planning besides the programming stage. Chatbots are a whole other matter.
In fact, designing conversations has become a whole new field of expertise with a long list of skills combining:

  • UX design
  • Copywriting
  • Character Creation
  • Interaction and Motion design

In other to make the conversations with bots feel natural and pleasant, conversation designers need to take into account the intuitive rules humans follow when interacting with each other. Hence, it’s not just about delivering the necessary information but also delivering it in a way that doesn’t violate turn-taking and other underlying conversational principles.
Ultimate Guide to Conversational Design
Infographic Source: https://landbot.io/blog/guide-to-conversational-design/

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