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The Ultimate Guide to Sound Proofing

Do you suffer from noisy neighbors? Are the walls, floors or ceiling of you’re rooms thin? You can improve the sound insulation of any room by following a variety of simple home improvements to each element. The infographic below shows the steps involved when you need to soundproof the walls, ceiling and floors of your room. In addition we have added 9 simple extra tips which can help reduce the noise transference from outside your room inside. The higher the density of the wall, ceilings or floor the better its sound performance. You can add double glazing instead of having single glazed windows. You can add extra thick heavy curtains to your windows, use thicker carpet and rugs to floors as well as use heaver doors into your room. These are all extra tips to improve the soundproofing of you’re room. Sound Proofing

Infographic Source : http://www.soundproofingonline.co.uk/the-ultimate-guide-to-soundproofing-a-room

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