A Guide to Waikiki Public Transportation

No Hawaiian adventure would be complete without a trip to Waikiki. Known for its pristine and dazzling beaches, the Diamond Crater, wildlife, and magical sunset, Waikiki is a much-desired destination that no traveler can afford to ignore when venturing into Hawaiian landscape.
As in every travel, knowing the ins and outs of the city should be a priority, especially if you plan to move through public transportation. Fortunately, public transportation in Waikiki is excellent with the city bus, shuttles, and taxi easily accessible. In fact, most of the accommodation places options are strategically positioned near the island shore, so the beach is literally just a stone throw away. If you have a friendly guide with you, you can explore other tourist spots around the city even just with public transportation.
If you’re planning to spend your holidays on Waikiki, it is best to take the public transportation to fully enjoy your vacation. Here’s a guide from Go Hawaii Tours which details the tips you need to know before you commute around Waikiki.

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