Halloween Flowchart: #alswasgehstdu

What are you going to for Halloween?

Every year the search begins anew. Halloween is on the doorstep and you do not know what to do. The possibilities seem unlimited. Vampire or werewolf, zombie or bloody unicorn, broken doll or horror clown.

The decision is not easy. For this reason, Mask World has prepared a small test for all Halloween fans who have no costume idea for this year’s celebrations. True to the motto, the participants can find out which horror character suits him best and therefore also the ideal outfit for the next Halloween party.

Are you a monster or a human being? Now decide and the Halloween flow chart shows you the way to your perfect Halloween outfit. Find out what you really are: good, evil or pure evil.

The possibilities are great – find now your Halloween costume that suits you. Do you like our Halloween costume flow chart? You can share it. Happy Halloween!!halloween-flowchart
Infographic Source: http://www.maskworld.com/infografik

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