What Your Handwriting Says About You

There are some people that think you can figure out what a person is about, what that person is feeling, and the character qualities of a person by taking a look at their writing. In this Infographic, you get to see such an analysis on famous people. You get to see how Marilyn Monroe is self sufficient and independent, and how Kurt Cobain is attentive to details and emotionally detached.

You get to see how Jimi Hendrix is adventurous and confident, and how Madonna is outgoing and seeks a challenge. You also get to see how John Lennon is energetic and a creative thinker. More importantly, you get to see the things they hand wrote. Look at the pages they wrote and see if you can see the qualities and the weaknesses that the Infographic describes.

The people at assignment writing service Assignment Masters spend their working week writing on behalf of students, and none of their writers were surprised by the insights a person’s handwriting gives. It seems that the way we think, the way we express ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses can be seen by the way we put pen to paper. The Infographic is a fun and enlightening read.


Infographic Source: http://www.assignmentmasters.co.uk/news/handwriting-analysis-infographic/

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  1. i am not know enough about handwriting. but after reading it i came to know the basic tips of handwriting . thanks

  2. very interesting and informational blog about education basted on handwriting. thanks for sharing such posting.

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