Myths & Facts of Today’s Oilheat

How much do you know about oilheat?
We’ve heard many things about heating oil, such as it’s bad for the environment and inefficient. But do you know that it actually burns about 5% less cleaner than it did 45 years ago, and that the heating oil industry has reduced greenhouse gas emissions from it by about one third over the past 35 years?
It’s time for us to update our knowledge about heating oil and make sure we actually know real facts, instead of outdated or unreliable information.
Here is an infographic to get you informed about the facts of today’s oilheat:
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  1. I have always heard that heating oil for your home is super expensive. So, I like that you pointed out that it is, in fact, cheaper today than it was int the 1980’s. It does seem like a good idea to do some research on the exact cost before you buy a home that required heating oil.

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