A Visual Depiction of the History of Wealthy Affiliate – Infographic

I have created this infographic in order to portray a visual depiction of the history of Wealthy Affiliate.
The Wealthy Affiliate program was founded in 2005 by a couple of enterprising young internet entrepreneurs named Kyle Loudon and Carson Kim.
It all started as a membership site providing keyword lists to their members in exchange for a monthly fee.
This innovative business model quickly grew and the two founders were faced with issues that needed to be resolved.
They learned early on that by finding problems in their market and then providing solutions to those problems was a fast track to growing a successful business around their ideas.
As their business grew, they were faced with decisions about upgrading and adding features and time and again they chose to invest in Wealthy Affiliate for the long term in the hopes that the investments would pay off in the future.
They are still investing in their business and their members to this day. The latest roll out inside of the program is the launch of FREE SSL certificates for all members websites that are using their hosting.
Truly incredible, but it was just another solution to the problem that their members were facing.
Today, the Wealthy Affiliate program has hundreds of thousands of members and is one of the premier platforms for affiliate marketing training on the internet.
They offer state of the art hosting and everything that you need to build a successful online business.
In the infographic below you can see the visual depiction of the history of Wealthy Affiliate.
As you can see in the Wealthy Affiliate history infographic, Kyle Loudon and Carson Kim have come a long way in 11 short years and it is truly incredible how the Wealthy Affiliate program has evolved.
Infographic Source: http://www.jvanderlaan.com/wealthy-affiliate-review/

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