Holiday Getaways in the Philippines: Best Places to Spend Christmas

For many of us, Christmas celebration is the best part of the year. It is when night markets and funfairs are everywhere. Moreover, it is the time when streets and homes are lighted with colorful parols to become instant attractions. And thanks to Simbang Gabi, you get to see churches filled with people who are lively and happy even until dawn.
Although Christmas celebration may seem predictable, you also have all the means to make it even more special. One way to bring added excitement that will jazz up the celebration is to travel and celebrate the season somewhere else the way locals do.
In the Philippines, finding a holiday getaway is so easy as the majority of places in the country celebrate the holiday with great festivity. You will never run out of choices when planning to go out of town in time for the special occasion.
Forget about skyrocketing prices, celebrating outside your home is priceless and creates incomparable moments with your loved ones. In this infographic, M2.0 Communications shares a useful guide to help you find your next holiday getaway.
Holiday Getaways in the Philippines

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