25 Must-Use Home Security Tips for the Holidays

Whether you’re planning on heading out of town or staying in for the holiday, take these precautions to protect your home and family this winter. Potential thieves take a look at several areas of your home to gain information about you. Be careful of the things you reveal about yourself online and by the curb so you don’t become a target for criminals.
Holidays are meant to be fun and you should be able to enjoy your time with your family instead of being paranoid about the safety of your home. This time of year, criminals are eyeballing potential targets like empty homes, high value items, and easy access into homes. Burglars are not the only the only ones that threaten your family’s safety during the holidays. House fires that go undetected can cause significant damage to your home. In fact, there are two times as many deaths in homes without a functioning smoke alarm. Use these tips to protect yourself from people with ill intent or dangerous emergencies like house fires.
Home Security Tips

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