Homeward Hound

Most people don’t think of dogs as pets but rather family members which means that when they need to be driven somewhere that their needs are catered for. Their dog’s needs are even considered when making a new car purchase to make sure that their furry friends will approve.
New research conducted by national car leasing firm All Car Leasing, has found some interesting statistics surrounding dog owners and their driving habits from their survey of 1,216 respondents which sheds some light on how far dog owners will go to keep their travelling companion comfortable and safe.
The study found that the size of the dog plays a big part in where the dog is secured (or not secured) during a road trip. 69% of owners with toy/small breeds (Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier) kept them in the footwell or passenger seat, 57% of medium breed (Spaniel, Collie) owners kept their dog in the rear passenger seat and 78% of large breeds (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever) kept their dog in the boot.
According to the Highway Code (rule 57) travelling with an unrestrained dog could lead to a criminal offence and becoming liable for an accident if an investigation finds the dog to be the cause of a distraction. Not only that, the unrestrained dog is at a greater risk of being seriously hurt in the event of an accident. In their survey they found that a shocking 1 in 3 kept their dog unrestrained while travelling!
Highlighting just how strong the bond between man and dog really is a whopping 62% of dog owners considered their dogs needs when making a new purchase – when asked what desirable features they looked for in a new car; a large boot, easy boot access (large opening, lowered lip) and quality seats appeared in the top 3. When we asked what’s their favourite after market purchase for their dog a mesh guard, a clip in harness and seat & boot liners come on top.
Homeward Hound
Infographic Source: https://www.allcarleasing.co.uk/blog/homeward-hound-cars-and-dogs/

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