How Can Marketers Use Instagram and Reap the Benefits

You must already have knowledge as to how more and more marketers are making use of the images for marketing with the help of social media. You can also use Instagram for promoting the business. Within a few years, businesses have gained success by promoting themselves on Instagram. Since Instagram has millions of active users, it is the perfect opportunity for the brands to receive and send quick photos and messages from and to the target audiences. According to, 80% of the Instagrammers are known to follow a business account. When the social networking platform started, it was only a way of posting pictures and had no marketing value. However, this has changed during recent times and now marketers can easily reach a new audience with the help of the visuals as well as short messages.
If you are a marketer and you want to know how you can make use of the Instagram account for achieving the marketing goals, you can follow all the steps that are mentioned.

Using your Instagram profile to reach more audience

Instagram is currently available on both iPhone as well as Android devices and a number of people also love accessing it on the web browser. Instagram pictures can provide an opportunity for the potential audience to get a better knowledge about the business. You have the option of promoting almost anything that your company is doing; your services or products, employees, customers, or conferences. It is crucially important to maintain a balance between the business pictures and the fun images. You can get followers for Instagram if you are interested in increasing the reputation of your Instagram profile.

Creating a buzz with the contests

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that are used for photo contests. It is extremely easy to start a contest on Instagram, since reaching people is not a big thing on this platform. Companies can ask users how to make use of a hashtag that is appropriate to the contest and tag the pictures that they upload. It is extremely simple to search the pictures and ask others to vote for the ones that they think is the best and pick up a winner. You can also give prizes to the winners. Why not make the prizes related to Christmas, as Christmas is coming in no time.

Rewarding the followers with the promo codes

When you are posting the pictures, you have to think of something which will keep the attention of your audience constant and also bring them back to your business again and again. Rewarding the followers with promo codes or discounts is one of the best ways of keeping the customers engaged.

Featuring the customers

If you see that a customer has been using a particular product or service from your company and has posted a picture on Instagram, you can easily feature this customer on your Instagram account. When other customers or your target audience see that someone is faithfully using your product or service, they will also be attracted to your brand. Moreover, when you feature a customer, it gives a feeling of personalization.


These are the different and unique ways that you can use for marketing your business on Instagram. Follow them diligently and with time, you will definitely be able to see your business succeed.

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