How Cryotherapy For Athletes Works

  1. Athletes enter inside a chamber called a cryosauna, gasiform nitrogen drops the cabin temperature to as low as minus 274 F. Skin temperature rapidly lowers to 32 degrees while core body temperature drops only slightly. The hyper-cooling takes place over approximately 3 minutes. Since there is no humidity or wind chill in our state-of-the-art chamber, treatment feels nothing like an uncomfortable ice bath.
  2. Blood vessels contract, increasing the flow of blood to the athlete’s internal organs. These organs are able to impart beneficial nutrients and high levels of oxygen into the blood.
  3. Vasoconstriction allows for more efficient flushing of toxins and lymphatic drainage from damaged muscle tissues.
  4. After treatment, blood vessels quickly expand, allowing the freshly enriched blood to flood back to the skin’s surface as well as the damaged muscles and joints that have been purged of toxin buildup.
  5. Rapid vasodilation also stimulates endorphin release to assist with pain relief and decreased inflammation.

Cryotherapy For Athletes Works
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