How do brands engage their audiences for Mother’s Day?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, brands hustle to come up with creative Mother’s Day related content to go live on multiple social platforms. Being one of the biggest retail events, brands have been known to use special days like these to their benefit to better resonate with their audience and also get their slice of share on social.

This year’s Mother’s Day content saw an array of brand promotions, discounts, offers, and engagement baits that garnered a lot of engagement for brands on social. Apart from these usual engagement techniques, emotional quotient themed campaigns worked wonders for the brands. Tribute to moms related posts turned out to be the most significant way to mark the occasion.

We looked at all the Mother’s Day related brand posts published across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from 2013 through 2018 using our Analyze and Discover platforms. We’ve presented all our findings in an infographic format.

Take a look at this infographic if you are trying to create Mother’s Day related content that best suits your social media strategy.

How do brands engage their audiences for Mother’s Day
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