How does insulation work

Its simple, insulation generally works by resisting the flow of heat. Heat, as we know it, is a form of energy that always seeks a cooler area. Therefore, in your home, during winter, it will flow outwards, while in summer, it will flow inward.

Insulation, slows down the flow of heat, due to this, your heating and cooling systems will require less operation to be able to maintain your home’s desired temperature. In the long run, this action saves homeowners money.

Insulating your home is one of the most cost-effective ways homeowners can conserve energy through saving money that would have otherwise been used on heating and cooling bills, and making your house more comfortable.

What does R-value mean?
The R-value of insulation material is its ability to resist the flow of heat and is labeled by R-value. “R” in this case means the resistance to heat flow. Therefore, the higher the R-value of an insulation material, the greater the insulation power.

This value can be identifiable by checking on the product label on the insulation material or on the bags that carry the insulation material. However, in most cases, you can check the R-value on the facing of the batts or rolls.

On unfaced insulation, the R-value is normally printed on the product. The R-value labels are the playing fields for insulation; they help homeowners make comparisons between different product by knowing that R-value is R-value, regardless of the insulation, location, type or any other variable.

How much insulation is enough?
The amount of insulation that is required for your home depends on some variables:

• Your region- different climates will require different insulation R-values. Therefore, you might need a higher R-value if you live in colder climates than if you live in a hotter location.

• The age of your home – in case your home is more than ten years old, then you are likely to need more insulation. There are several ways you can be able to retrofit an old home with fiberglass and mineral wool insulation. A professional attic insulation company will be in a better position to advise you on the changes required for a better retrofit.

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