How Does Solar Power Compare To Other Renewables?

It’s no secret that solar power is one of the best sources of renewable energy, but are there other options? And how do they compare to solar?

Wind energy – is a very sustainable energy source. It is cheap to run, has little impact on the environment and even contributes to the national grid. However, it relies on wind to work, making it less effective than solar panels.

Hydro Energy – emits low greenhouse gasses and works well combined with other energy sources but requires water bodies such as rivers and lakes to work, making it less available than solar.

Tidal Energy – is a highly effective renewable source of energy as long as you live in coastal areas.

Biomass Energy – reduces waste in landfills and is effective but is harmful to the environment as it requires a large space leading to deforestation.

Read more about the comparison of solar energy to other renewable energy sources here.


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