Auto Tips: How Easy Is It to Rent an Exotic Car?

Many celebrities use rented exotic cars so that they can be seen with different models every now and then. Although they have their own, sometimes they want to match colors, occasion themes and just feel good when they show up with different exotic cars.
When Justin Bieber was 19 years old, he landed into trouble after being pulled over while driving a rented Lamborghini Gallardo although his license had been previously suspended by the authorities. Most people were curious to know how he managed to rent the vehicle with a suspended license.
Could there be more to renting exotic cars than meets the eye?
Exotic Car Rental Regulations
Rental Companies set regulations depending on their own priorities. This is why the terms of the rental vary from one company to the another. One of the regulations that these companies follow is the minimum age. Some use 21 years and others use 25 years. Another thing they check is the driver’s license. Most of the companies screen to verify that your license is clean from road offenses. None of them would want to give you their car when your records show reckless driving with an ordinary car. It is easy to misbehave with a super car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other exotic cars.
The Role of Personal Auto Insurance
Although exotic car rental companies like insure all their vehicles, they require that the person renting the car have personal auto insurance. One of the things they check about the renter’s policy is whether or not the insurance covers rented cars and, of course, whether it is valid or not. With this in place, the company will be willing to rent you the car if you agree to the terms.
Making Payment for Renting Exotic Cars
Before leaving the car rental parking lot with the car, the rental company will need a security deposit. Most people who go for these vehicles are rich, and making a deposit of between USD 5,000 and USD 10,000 is not a problem. The payment for the rental of the vehicle varies with different companies. Some may charge per day while others charge per hour. They may accept different payment methods ranging from cash to credit cards. Additionally, you can make arrangements to pay later against a presented bill especially if you do not know the exact time frame you would like the exotic car.
Other Terms and Conditions
By now, you have already seen that renting an exotic car is very easy and straightforward. Before signing the agreement, you need to go through it and understand all the terms. If you have any questions, seek clarification before you sign. However, the contract is pretty fair, and they all cover almost the same issues. However, signing binds you to all of them, and it is important to get a copy for reference.
Back in the case of Justin Bieber, it is highly suspected that the car was rented by a member of his group and that this individual gave it to him. There is no way he could have rented the car himself with a suspended license. Furthermore, most rental companies require a minimum age of at least 21 years.

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