How Google checks out all your moves

It seems that in the age of the Internet, privacy is just not an option. You may think it’s a good idea to save all of your data in Google Drive – all of your pictures, videos and sensitive documents – until you realize that you aren’t the only one who has access to them. Your data may be safe from everybody else but it is not safe from one tech giant: Google. Google Inc. spies on all of your cyber activities to judge you and form a profile of you to, maybe, “facilitate” your browsing experience. Unfair? Maybe. But unfortunately for you, this tech giant is one that you just can’t do without.
Here are only a few of the ways Google Inc. spies on your data without you ever knowing:

  1. Email Accounts
    The emails you exchange via your Gmail account are all easily accessible for Google
  2. Search Terms
    Google knows whatever you search for in Google search
  3.  Websites Visited
    All the websites you ever visited? Google knows.
  4. Android Device
    Your Android device is leaking all of your data to Google as you breath
  5. Web Apps
    Google judges you by the kind of web apps you use, for what purposes and for how long
  6. Mobile Apps
    Like web apps, your mobile apps are helping Google form a profile about you based on the choices you make
  7. Social Media Accounts
    Google checks out your activity on all of your social media accounts – Google+, Facebook, Twitter, everything
  8. Online Shopping History
    Google knows everything you purchase online – and is “kind” enough to send you ads of similar products on each website you visit
  9. Uploads and Downloads
    Everything you upload to or download from Google Chrome is within Google’s graspHow Google checks out all your movesInfogrphic Source :

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