How Home Lifts Will Save the World

Our world is going to face three serious problems in the coming years;

  1. Our Population is Growing
  2. Our Population is Aging
  3. We’re Running Out of Space (as a result of the first two problems combined!)

Could there be one smart solution to the problem that we’re running out of space? There is; the Home Lift.
Through-floor home lifts or elevators are designed to allow the user to remain in their homes. It prevents them having to move into a bungalow (bungalows, on average, take up more floor space than a normal house); something very important in future living. They are designed to be installed quickly, easily and to be as unobtrusive as possible. They run quietly, don’t use much power and can cost only slightly more than a high-end stair lifts, and are, arguably, much more comfortable.
So the question stands; can home lifts save the world?

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