How Industries are leveraging the Industrial IoT potential?

The Industrial IoT has played a significant role in transforming the Offshore Rigging. Offshore Rigs take place in remote locations, where Asset tracking is a tough job. But, IoT has the power to interconnect each and every aspect of the Oil & Gas operations. The predictive maintenance and data analytics help the industry to improve health and safety throughout the Rig.
The Industrial IoT is enabling smart water meters, detectors, and irrigation methods which are being deployed in home, farms, and water distribution systems. Which results in effective water conservation and better revenue for water distributors.
With the implementation of IoT in Transportation, business owners are now able to track driver’s time on the road, manage orders and shipments in real-time, track vehicle location, manage inventory and much more.
The Industrial IoT has the potential to connect to every human being on the planet at a time. It’s gone from the modern factory floor to tech-driven medical facilities in a short span of time. It is a development which is already transforming the healthcare IT industry.
Among businesses, the first step towards the future of hospitality is to embrace the Wi-Fi and IoT as the source of valuable consumer data to ensure a delighted customer experience. Automated Guest Room, Hyper-Personalization, Mobile Engagement are revolutionizing the Hospitality businesses.
With the implementation of Industrial IoT, the predictive maintenance feature helped the mining businesses to reduce the downtime of broken machinery. It is proven that Industrial IoT systems can drastically improve the mining operations and the safety of workers working underground.
How Industries are leveraging the Industrial IoT potential
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