How Long Does Ground Coffee Last?

When we have coffee grounds more than we need in our hand, the first question pop up in our mind, “How long this is gonna last?”
Well, there is no direct answer to that.  It varies on different parameters.
If you keep them in an open container or jar in your kitchen, you will get the best result for 2-3 weeks. But if the you keep them in a sealed container, it will stay fresh for 3-5 months. Have a closer look on the word ‘Kitchen’.
If you keep them in refrigerator, the timeline changes. Actually it extends. In refrigerator, unopened pack of ground coffee (you brought too much or somebody gifted) stay fresh longer than expiry date. But you should not d that delay.
The core enemies of fresh coffee grounds are –

  • open air
  • moisture
  • heat
  • brightness (light)

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