How Much Are Frequent Flyer Miles Worth?

You’ve probably heard of frequent flyer programs, but do you know the value of a single airline mile? You might think that the value of each mile is unimportant, and what matters is the number of miles you have. On the contrary, the value of each frequent flyer mile is your door to cheaper flights, exclusive amenities, and sometimes VIP passes to your favorite concert.

If you’re considering joining a frequent flyer program, the value will help you decide which airline offers the best access to features that would make traveling enjoyable for you. MilesBuyer, an international mileage broker, presents an infographic that clearly displays the value of a single mile in 2018.

Each percentage indicates the overall value of a program – including the features, value, and flexibility – the higher the percentage, the more beneficial the program is to a flyer.

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How Much Are Frequent Flyer Miles Worth
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