How Much Does a Video Cost in 2019?

“”So our company is going to hire a contractor for some video projects. How much do you charge for a 1 minute video?”” This is the question that I got asked a ton of times.
And my answer is apparently, it depends.
Certain types of video are much easier to produce, they don’t need any fancy equipment and can be shot in one single location, post production is easy and doesn’t take much time. Those videos won’t cost a lot.
While other types of video are more complicated. There’s a lot of prep work to do, we need to bring our professional equipment’s and some times we have to travel to several different locations for the shooting. Post production can take a lot of time either. Those type of videos cost a lot higher.
So how can you budget properly for your company?
This infographic¬† helps you figure out video production costs by introducing the process behind what it takes to produce video content and breaking down the basic factors that drive video production costs. What’s more it gives an estimate of the total cost for a 1~2 minute video depending on the quality level.
Without further ado let’s check it out!
How Much Does a Video Cost in 2019
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