How Much Gas Would You Use to Travel the World in a Hot Air Balloon?

We were wondering how much gas you would need to travel the world in a hot air balloon and what it would take to accomplish this feat.
Balloons are made of reinforced nylon fabric – they are light but very strong.
The most common fuel for balloons is Common Liquid Propane gas (LPG).
A two-person balloon costs over £17k, not including the fuel and maintenance! No wonder Phileas Fogg from Around the World in 80 Days had to be wealthy… …but the original book of Around the World in 80 Days never featured balloon travel. The 1956 film perpetuated this myth.
In the film, they travel from Paris (France) to Chinchón (Spain) via balloon. That’s over 1000 km as the crow flies.
Hot air balloons travel at around 8mph with average wind speed, so the route from Paris to Chinchón would have taken 83.3 hours – 3.5 days – to complete.
For every hour of travel, a balloon burns 25 gallons of LPG; that’s over 2000 gallons of LPG for the flight between Paris and Chinchón.
In the UK, a gallon of LPG costs around £3.36, so the journey today may cost Brits around £6700 in fuel alone!
Many of us dream of travelling the entire world in a hot air balloon, but is it possible?
The Earth’s circumference is 24,900 miles, so travelling at 8mph wind speed without pitstops would take 130 days – a little more than 80 days.
The trip would consume around 77,800 gallons of fuel, costing about £262k, wow!
At Adams Gas, you can buy all the commercial and domestic gas you need to travel the world. But when you’re not flying your balloon, you can also use propane for heating, cooking and barbecuing.
How Much Gas Would You Use to Travel the World in a Hot Air Balloon
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