How Much Wine Will Get Me Drunk?

People often wonder how much alcohol it takes to get drunk. The answer is different for everyone. Many factors contribute to intoxication, ranging from personal physiology to the size of the glass an individual drinks from.

The first factor that impacts drunkenness relates to the drinker. Personal characteristics, like size, weight, and metabolism can affect how the body processes alcohol. The amount of alcohol that knocks one person out may be very different than what would incapacitate their drinking buddy.

The size of the glass matters, too. Some wine glasses hold a few ounces of wine, while others hold much more. Thinking that only having “one glass of wine” can help keep you sober could be a mistake, depending on how much was in the container or the alcohol content in the drink itself.

Finally, you must consider the environment. California heat can be dehydrating, exacerbating the effects of alcohol on the body.


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