How the Equine Industry Contributes to American Business

Not without infamy, Hunter S. Thompson exploded onto the journalistic scene with his essay, “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved.” The author rightly pointed to the debauchery, racism, and general uncouth behavior from the attendants of the event, who preferred to suck back mint juleps than pay any attention to the race.
But the image of the rotund, southern gentleman who wore his conservatism on his sleeve right alongside his racism is nothing but an anachronism now, and the Derby may still be populated by the wealthy, but it’s a small fraction of horse owners across the country. We at Coast to Coast Carports witness the dedication, hard work, and care of horse owners and staff every day. Aside from adding 1.4 million jobs in America, the equine industry directly contributes $39 billion annually and $102 billion indirectly.
It should also be noted that the southern “gentleman” horse owner is a misnomer in itself, as research has shown the majority of horse owners in the U.S. to be female. While every American has mythologized the horse since frontier days, it’s worth mentioning that women have had a stronger connection to equestrians than men. But in either case, the utmost care and housing is the first priority when it comes to horse ownership.
Having the proper metal loafing shed and top-of-the-line metal stalls will help ensure your horse has a long, healthy life, and we at Coast to Coast Carports are at the forefront of the industry.
How the Equine Industry Contributes to American Business
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