How To Achieve Product-Market Fit and Stay Sane

Defining a product-market fit (PMF) for your startup product or service is a huge milestone and a real headache. You should develop a strong understanding of what your target audience wants (and is it the right audience to target) to align your strategy with the end-user requirements.
You should do an enormous job conducting research, gathering and streamlining the market demand, differentiating from the competitors, talking to your future customers, defining your strong sides, deciding on top features to include to MVP or prototype, talking to your customers again, measuring the data😰 … But where to start?
You should definitely have a step-by-step plan to get a clear picture of what you’re going to face. That’s why the ex-startup owner has shared the essential steps for achieving product-market fit that she’s used for her startup as well.
This infographic will be of help for everyone starting their product or service company to be prepared for the challenges the startup world is going to bring.
How To Achieve Product-Market Fit and Stay Sane
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