How to Avoid Summer Rashes and other Skin Problems

It’s summertime once more and your favorite season for beach vacation and travel is finally here. Sure, there would be a lot of times that you’d need to wear less clothing and reveal more of your skin.
Be it at home or at the beach, the sweltering months will surely push you to the limits of wearing less and revealing more. But one thing’s for sure, you can’t afford to wear less if you’re suffering from summer rash or skin problems.
Indeed, rashes and skin problems like fungal infection and acne breakout happen mostly during the summer months. Excessive oiliness of the skin plus outdoor dust all contribute to acne breakouts, while profuse sweating which causes wetness on skin folds and in the nether area is the number one cause of fungal infection like athlete’s foot and jock itch.
This summer, it is important to prep your skin by knowing how to avoid the most common summer rashes and skin problems. Here’s an infographic from SkinCell, a leading dermatology clinic in Manila, to help your skin stay healthy.
Summer Rashes and Skin Problems

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