How to Choose a Rear Engine Lawn Tractor

It is the desire of homeowners to keep their gardens looking fresh and sharp throughout the year. To realize this goal, they use a variety of tools. Many of them who have small gardens opt for lawn edgers that can cut the grass and give their garden a perfect look. But you need a lawn tractor if your property is about half of an acre. And if you have little space to store it or lack the right space to maneuver through, you can opt for a rear-engine lawn tractor. Lawn tractor reviews give you many alternatives. The reviews can help you if you know how to choose the right rear engine lawn tractor. Here is what you need to consider.

Cutting Width

Whenever shopping for a rear engine lawn tractor, you should consider the cutting width since it determines whether it mows and clean your garden as required or not. If you want a tractor that can cut lots of grass and small bushes with each pass, choose a large deck size. Consider your ability to replace these lawn tractor parts too.

Lawn tractor repair is an essential service that you need. But before you enter into any contractual agreement, be sure you measure the size of your property’s gate and tighter spaces. Remember, your ability to access these spaces determines whether a lawn tractor will serve you as you desire.

If you do not have tight spaces and the gate is large enough, you will be better placed to go for the broadest deck. You need one that will save your limited time. Prior to making your buying decision, be sure you take time and walk around the property and determine the deck size that is ideal for your needs.

Automatic vs. Manual Transmission

Rear engine lawn tractors come in two different transmission types. The disk drive is common. It is also efficient and easy maintenance. But you must be prepared to change gear manually as you mow and clean your garden. This may put pressure on you, depending on the nature of the garden and its size.

The hydrostatic transmission is another excellent option. The demand for these rear engine lawn tractors is on a steady increase today. The lawn tractor automatically changes gears as you increase or decrease the speed. Moreover, it provides an exceptionally gently ride. The only demerit is that it comes with an added price tag.

The Seat

Consider choosing a rear engine lawn tractor that guarantees you considerable comfort irrespective of how many hours you spend mowing your large yard. The high-back seat is best in these circumstances. Low-seat can help you if the yard is small, but if you overuse it, you will likely experience severe back pain.

The Cutting Mode

When buying a rear-engine lawn tractor, make sure you carefully consider the mode that you will be using to cut grass. Choose one that will cut best. If there are lots of trees or obstacles on the lawn, you need a zero-turn radius. The cutting mode is much faster, and it is easier to use. But these are not easy to operate in sloppy or hilly areas.

Reliable Source of Electric Power

The size of the yard you are going to mow has a direct relation with the gas tank. If it is a large yard, you will save a lot of time if you choose a tractor with a large gas tank. You need to avoid the possibility of running out of gas after every few hours.

Alternatively, if it uses a battery, ensure you buy a durable lawn tractor battery. The modern electric lawn tractor can also solve this power shortage issue. For a small yard, you have nothing to worry about if the gas tank is small.

The Steering Wheel

You need a steering wheel that empowers you to control the lawn tractor with ease. It should be comfortable. Besides, the steering wheel needs to have an excellent soft grip.

Understanding Why a Rear Engine Lawn Tractor Useful

So, what is the best lawn tractor? Many people ditch their walk-behind mowers for the rear engine lawn tractors, not because they are incapacitated or unwilling to push them. They want to enjoy mowing. Rear engine lawn tractor gives users the best experience for hills in the majority of cases. Why? They have a low center of gravity. This reduces their chances of tipping over on the hills.

Other than the safety, the fact that a rear engine lawn mower tractor is smaller and slower than the other riding mowers makes them the most suitable for small and medium-sized yards. But their cost is also inviting. The lawn tractors are typically more affordable than the many other types of riding mowers out there. The next time you want to mow and decide to buy the best lawn tractor, be sure to use the above tips, and you will realize your goal.

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