Headphones 101: How to choose headphones

There are different kinds of headphones that suit different needs. Be it for sport, games, or home use. One factor that doesn’t cancel out is the fact that for any activity, both men and women are involved. Hence, we will be discussing what to consider when choosing a headphones pair. Below is the infographic which will help you in choosing headphones.

Headphones for Ladies

Women have a delicate frame; as such, they need a headphone that suits their frame. Hence, if you fall into this category you might want to consider a headphone that’s smaller size when compared to regular headphones so that they can fit securely on or over your ears.
Women, in general, tend to give attention to detail while listening; hence, your headphone should deliver great sound. Listen to it to make sure that all highs and lows are as you want them. Note that music affects your mood, so ensure that the bass and treble gives you the rush of emotions you want to feel. You should also consider the design. They should be fancy enough but properly cushioned for comfort. And colors? Pick whatever you love.
Keep in mind, though, that these headphones might not be as durable as some regular headphones, but they sure do keep the feminine look, they do not alter your hairdo, they will always add to your style, and of course, give you a wonderful listening experience.
One great headphone that creates fashion statements is the Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr on-ear headphones. It has a 40mm driver, is bass heavy, earcups sit comfortably on your ear and each earpiece has a 3.5mm port. It also has two detachable cords: one with in-line controls and another coiled cable for the DJs among us. They are as well portable in the sense that they can be packed away in a pretty small case.
You can click on the link above to view images of some feminine headphones.

Headphones for Men

Men tend to give more attention to specifications such as frequency, impedance, sensitivity, drivers, and other inbuilt features than women would. You, thus, need to be on the lookout for them. But what are they?


The normal range of frequency within which you can hear is about 20 – 20000 Hz. The first number refers to the deepest base frequency while the second number refers to the highest treble frequency the headphone can reproduce. You might want to look for headphones with lower frequencies if you want more bass or one with high frequencies within 20000 – 25000 Hz if you are keen on the treble.


This is measured in ohms. If you will be using your headphones with a battery-powered portable device, you might want to get a headphone with an impedance of 32ohms or less. Since impedance has to do with resistivity, there will be a need for a more powerful device if you are to use headphones with higher impedance.


If a headphone has high sensitivity, it will play louder than one with low sensitivity without having to unnecessarily increase the volume. It is measured in dB SPL/mW.

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