How to Clean Convertible Top

Instead of relying on experts for cleaning your convertible’s soft top it’s always better to learn few DIY tips for the same. We are here to offer some necessary insights on it.
There are several necessary steps that we should consider while thinking on how to clean convertible top as follows;
Start from removing excess dirt and debris with the use of soft brush. Be keen and cover all the areas where mould has built up. Then soak the roof completely with the water. This will help you while scrubbing the surface after applying the cleaning detergent.
Wait for few minutes after applying any cleaning detergent on the surface. Make use of soft brush or cleaning sponge to clean the top thoroughly. Avoid painted areas as they may get damaged. Try to scrub the surface in circular motions. This will help to get rid of all the dirt without any chances of scratching the surface.
Finally use lot of water to rinse off the surface.If possible use warm water as it will help to get rid of grease and other marks.After completely cleaning the convertible’s top apply soft roof protector to protect the roof from harsh UV rays,tree sap, acid rain and bird droppings etc.
How to Clean Convertible Top
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