How To Decant Wine Properly

The infographic on How To Decant Wine aims to provide easy to follow and insightful information on how to enjoy your wine at its best by using old, well established techniques. After not being able to find all the information needed to successful decant wine, it was all brought together in one post and image so that other wine lovers could follow the tutorial in a modern and relaxed way.

The first process of decanting your wine is to separate the sediment by pouring the wine over a light source from the bottle and into your decanter.

The light allows you to stop pouring when the sediment gets to the neck of the bottle. Once all of the wine is separated into the decanter, it is time to aerate your wine, this is the testing period for every wine changes in the length of time it takes to meet its best tasting time.

Check back periodically to taste it because once it has been aerated for too long, you can never bring it back and it will taste like vinegar.

Make sure you serve your delicious wine at the best temperatures and in the correct stemware to get the most from the taste and scents of your wine.


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  1. You shared the outstanding information about the wine decanters,But if you want to pouring (decanting) the contents from one vessel (typically a bottle) into another vessel by using wine aerator because these oxygenate the wine as it passes through the narrow tube drawing in air through a clever, then you must read all the procedure carefully are mentioned in the above information which provide you the best way of cleaning and transfer of material easily without wastage of material and time .
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