How to Find the Right Intuitive Life Coach for You

Intuitive life coaching is a lot like mainstream life coaching, only it includes a spiritual aspect. In other words, the coach also gauges your spiritual energy to emphasize emotional and spiritual healing. It also helps to spot and remove the blocks holding the client back.

People for Whom Intuitive Life Coaching is Ideal

The best client/coach fit for an intuitive life coach is a client who already believes in working on the holistic level. At least, that’s ideal. However, anyone who’s interested in learning how to work with the spiritual aspect is welcome as well. Ultimately, it is the client’s decision.
The main goal of intuitive life coaching is to help clients become more at ease with themselves as whole beings. Therefore, it is essential that clients not settle with a coach until they find one who can meet their needs in the best way for them. For example, a client who’s only beginning intuitive work probably isn’t going to do well with a coach who’s used to working with clients who have been doing intuitive work for years.
It is equally important for clients to know what they don’t want. However, the issue here is that it’s easy for some people to have a better idea of what they don’t want than of what they do want. In those cases, it’s crucial to remove that block. When someone knows that they definitely don’t want something but have nothing to replace it with, that actually attracts even more of what they don’t want. As a result, making a list of those pointers and replacing them with something desirable ahead of time is strongly recommended. That includes what a client is looking for in a coach.
Business life coaching concept
Coaches can help clients become more organized in their life by analyzing the client’s circumstance closely and identifying areas of improvement. They might also assist the client in understanding exactly what it is that they want out of their lives and how to negotiate with others in order to achieve their desires.
An intuitive life coach is best able to assist in a clients life if they have all the information necessary to make an informed recommendation as to how to handle problems, this is increasingly pertinent the more complex a situation becomes, honest and open communication is crucial to the successful employment of life strategies and other improvements that may be applicable.
It is important to remember that different coaches bring different styles to their work. For example, some are more structured, and others are more customized. Therefore, clients should consider how much structure that they do best with.
For example, one who walks in not knowing exactly what they want to discuss would benefit from something more structured. In comparison, someone who tends to be more adept at finding their own answers would benefit from something more customized.
Finally, it is also essential for clients to find a coach who fits their budgets. No coach wants to be the reason that a client can’t pay their bills or gets evicted. Some may offer initial consultations to gauge the goodness of fit. However, especially if the coach is board certified or works for a larger organization, chances are, he or she is ethically prohibited from giving ongoing free sessions.
Also, if it’s their primary or only source of income, giving ongoing free sessions isn’t practical. Also, coaches are there to teach their clients to empower themselves, not to act as surrogate parents or friends to the client.
Most coaches make every effort to meet their clients at their level. Unfortunately, there are a few out there who try to “rescue” their clients by dominating their decisions. However, most coaches know that they’re there simply to help their clients to become empowered in their lives.
Intuitive coaches take that to the next level and specialize in helping clients become empowered as whole beings. This means becoming empowered spiritually as well as physically, emotionally, and psychologically.
As a result, it is crucial for clients to find a coach from whom they come out of every session feeling more confident and fulfilled than before.

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